We offer a diverse choice of falconry packages to cater to our clients’ individual needs and budgets. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the sunset in the desert with an informative falconry display, or get up close and personal with the birds by having them fly to your gloved fist, Royal Shaheen is at your service. If you decide to pursue the art further, we offer an Introductory Falconry Course to enable you to care for, and train your own bird of prey.


Royal Shaheen provides a professional Pigeon Control service to hotels and other industries to help combat environmental and aesthetic challenges that arise when large flocks of feral pigeons populate their premises. Due to their homing instinct, exponential breeding rate and unsightly, corrosive droppings, feral pigeons are one of the most serious problem bird species in urban environments worldwide.


We have extensive experience in this field and an impressive success rate. We employ a variety of strategies to combat the problem. The Peregrine Falcon is a known natural predator to the feral pigeon and our primary strategy utilises this predator-prey relationship. By scheduling regular flights with our falcons in strategic locations, we effectively dissuade pigeons from taking up residence at a facility. This method is environmentally friendly and the perfect solution for clients in the hospitality industry. In addition we also employ techniques like capture and relocation, nest site clearance, pigeon proofing of key breeding and roosting sites, etc. We work within the scope of UAE environmental laws and do NOT employ any method that endangers humans or protected birds and animals.


We encourage potential clients to contact us for a free of charge site survey and quotation before a serious infestation occurs. Prevention is better, easier and cheaper that cure!


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royal shaheen Eevents, falconry, dubai, desert, UEA, experience, show, birds, owls, eagles, kites, air, hawks, pest control services



The Falcon is the national emblem of the United Arab Emirates. It’s therefore not surprising to find that falconry themes are extremely popular in media productions in the region. We have a large variety of raptors specifically trained to perform in filming and photography projects. We can provide falcons, hawks, eagles or owls to suit your individual needs. Utilize our expertise and variety of birds to help create the perfect shot, commercial or film production. Our staff members have considerable experience working with their birds in front of cameras and are guaranteed to please even the most demanding director!


Our birds have featured and starred in an impressive range of articles and productions. Satisfied clients include the BBC, The Travelling Shoe Productions, Dubai One, MBC, Time Out Dubai, The National, Gulf News, Masterchef Australia and Time Out Russia.


Here are a few samples of our continuing efforts to work with and falcons on film.


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